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Is Melanotan Safe?

Some people say "It's safer than the Sun" But why is that? Because Melanotan 2 is designed to work with the body and is a product that does not damage the actual skin. Self injecting can be sometimes tricky, so we advice that all users take extra care and follow the basics practices of when injecting.

Dont want to inject? We have Melanotan 2 nasal spray which is very popular in the UK, you can take this 4 times a day and its great for taking on holiday! 


How to use Melanotan 2

The skins natural sun tanning process is activated without the need for the damaging UV radiation and long periods of exposure to UV light. Melanotan 2 activates the body’s own tanning process which gives in a natural and uniformed all over tan every time without fail. We have added these step by step instructions just simply follow the links below.

Follow the step by step guide

Frequently asked questions

Health benefits of Melanotan 2

It's a fact that Melanotan 2 was first developed in order to treat skin cancer and although it stimulates the skins tanning process which in itself is a natural UV barrier but should not be considered as a fool proof UV sunscreen. Melanotan 2 is a potent peptide and all users should keep out of reach from children.

Did you know? Melanotan 2 is available over the counter in some countries.


Melanotan Tips & Infomation
How to inject melanotan

How to inject melanotan

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Melanotan Libido Benefits

Melanotan Libido Benefits

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Melanotan II Nasal Spray

Melanotan II Nasal Spray

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